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Why should basic human rights and the rule of law – cops as accountable as anyone else – be so hard to accept? America was founded largely in response to aggressive policing without accountability. British troops were the perps then. Conservatives favored the troops and ‘law and order,’ notably without any rules of law, then and now. Help me understand.

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  1. The are laws and in these highly sensationalized cases the police followed them.

    This is the world upside down. The protector are being made the crook…… While the crook the victim.

    The minority community is getting taken for a patsy.

    While the media and leftists set fire to their passions and watch it burn.

    It’s sad that the powers that be….. Have been speaking such distrust for so long….. Blaming institutionalized ‘racism’, that didn’t exist.

    If you ‘really’ want to know why this is happening, why these two cases are not murder, check out my past two posts on Stuffed Sock.


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