12-year-old killed himself, reportedly after being bullied for wanting to join the middle school cheerleading squad

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Lethal results, a Life cut off far too soon. Take notice, act accordingly, or label yourself an accomplice in more of the same. Two choices are all you have. Choose well.


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FOLSOM, Calif. – A community is mourning the death of a middle school student who took his own life after alleged bullying over cheerleading.

Friends say 12-year-old Ronin Shimizu left Folsom Middle School  last year because he was teased about wanting to become a cheerleader on the school squad.

So, he enrolled in a home-school program , according to FOX40.

“Bullying him because of cheerleading…it’s not right.  It’s what he loves to do and that’s a human right to do that,” said 11-year-old Mia Kleinbardt.

“Well…we were aware of allegations of bulling. I can’t speak to specific allegations but like all allegations we investigate them fully,” said school district spokesman Dan Thigpen.

“I heard thasomebody called the bullies and told them that he passed away and they were like shocked…like realized..learned their lesson on how words can hurt,” said Riley.

Those who loved Ronin can only hope…

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  1. I was horrendously bullied all through my school years – I moved 1,300 miles away for grade 12 and it followed me there. When I was 8, I wanted to take my life with a razor blade to my wrist (though I really didn’t know how to do it and my sister came home). I relate to this young boy and understand his pain. My parents never knew about this and they are both gone now. They new about my later attempts but had know idea of the torment I was enduring. I was told “if you don’t let them know it bothers you”. I didn’t, they didn’t and I didn’t tell anyone. I think parents and teachers need to be taught to identify the signs of bullying because children are afraid to speak up to anyone, and then tragedy happens.

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    1. It’s sad just how common it is, both to bully and to be bullied. I have seen much of it myself; for the most part I have been talented at avoiding such attention, yet still, I have seen much of it, and have had my life seriosuly threatened. As an adult I have learned better mothods than hiding. I have studied and suppressed bullies’ activities professionally, and have found that the only reliable defense in such a scenario lies in having access to power in excess of that which the bully enjoys. Overawed, bullies become harmless and polite, friendly even: power is their oxygen, their value and language. When we dismiss complaints and leave a vulnerable individual to their own devices as you’ve described, we contribute to their suffering as much as the bully does, by refusing them our assistance.

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      1. You have really said it, Greg. I felt that there was no one – parents, teachers, sister, etc. I could go to about the problems so they just kept escalating and turning it all inward – suddenly I was my own bully, mirroring all the negative things that were said and done to me. I must be a bad person if everyone in the world is against me. I can’t speak for Ronin or other children (and my experience was decades ago), but I know that is what brought me to want to die at such a young age. I do what I can to help young people now, even if it is just to tell my own story.

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  2. Folsom is about 10 miles from where I live. The article in this morning’s paper gave me pause to reflect …. the school dutifully dealt with each complaint about bullying … but obviously dealing with each incident after the fact does nothing to heal the damage done to this baby while the bullying was occuring. So sad.

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