Does Brain Training Really Make You Smarter?

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It seems that the only people confident in brain training products are the people who sell them or buy them. The folks with the greatest relevent expertise and knowledge have little or no confidence in them, as this article reviews.

Plato on-line‘If you’ve spent more than about 5 minutes surfing the web, listening to the radio, or watching TV in the past few years, you will know that cognitive training—better known as “brain training”—is one of the hottest new trends in self improvement.

Lumosity, Cogmed, and BrainHQ are websites promising to make you smarter

‘Yet, according to a statement released by the Stanford University Center on Longevity and the Berlin Max Planck Institute for Human Development, there is no solid scientific evidence to back up this promise. Signed by 70 of the world’s leading cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists, the statement minces no words:…’

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  1. Hi Greg. Thanks for following my site. Psych nurse–whew, that must be challenging! I recently met and spoke to John Modrow, who wrote a book about schizophrenia. It was rather disturbing, he spoke so much from the heart and really knows what he’s talking about, since he’s been there! I highly recommend his book on schizophrenia.

    Your skeptical article on brain improvement programs was appreciated. On the other hand, with my ideograms project I have certainly changed my brain in a big and good way. I tend to think much more in terms of clear ideogram-like diagrams when i read complex material. i am stimulated to do this because I have ideogram elements as feedstock. It remains for me to accomplish something remarkable with my improved abilities to convince people of the value of my ideograms project. I might.


    1. As far as I could tell, brain training can work, it’s just that the results tend to be specific to the task you perform. I.e. crossword puzzles improve ability to do crowssword puzzles. Much room for improvement, though, an dI imagine it will get better in time. Thanks – Greg


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