Anxiety. You’re Not Alone!

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Worthwhile post about Anxiety:


You are not alone.

“That’s such an irrational thing to worry about.”  “Everything is fine, stop freaking out.” or “You have to know that is not going to happen.”

If you struggle with anxiety and have tried to vent to friends or relatives I’m sure you’ve heard these responses before.

I get that the stuff I worry about makes no sense, or isn’t anything I can control, or is something I will never know for sure. My rational brain completely understands that. But, unfortunately my the part of my brain that gives my awesome anxiety doesn’t give a shit what my rational brain thinks or knows. It says “But what if it’s not an irrational fear?” But what if everything isn’t fine?” “But what if it does happen?!”

I have struggled with anxiety on and off since I was young, and I want you to know you aren’t alone! Millions…

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      1. I usually describe it as just like fear, except for the lack of an external trigger (or growing far larger than the trigger accounts for itself). Deep, primitive, often quite powerful. You can ignore it, roughly like you can ignore pain (also primal!). Reason is often quite beside the point, but people talk like if it doesn’t “make sense” it isn’t real somehow. Nonsense, I say. Nonsense.

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