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It seems my blogger duty to offer up something for Thanksgiving Day, tomorrow in the US. If I have time to read or write tomorrow, I’ll be thankful for that, and a bit surprised as well. Today my daughter and I are staying warm and dry on the couch (perhaps my favorite office!), so it’s post time!

I’m going to try to avoid the obvious, Miss America speech material: friends, family, country, etc. All worthy topics and I’m certainly thankful, but my blogger pride demands something more… unusual I suppose. Bear with me if you would. I’m thankful because:

1) My blog, going far better than I’d anticipated. THANKS!!!! (OK, that one broke my no obvious rule, but it had to be done. Had to be!)

2) I have a great job. More than one, actually. Hasn’t always been the case…

3) I’m not working any of them today. Couch blog time with Lily and (cat) Sugar!

4) I’ve learned lots of useful, important lessons over the years from folks with mental illnesses, myself included.

5) I have no symptoms today. Lessons are great but… Enough’s enough!

6) The furnace is working. I love heat!

7) Clean water on tap, cheap!

8) I don’t work in a restaurant. I got take-out BBQ at a place that does catering for lunch today. What a mad scene! Cash and credit, meat and sides flying every which way… I got extra EXTRA thankful about not working today after that.

9) I’m not driving a the moment. Recent driving makes me EXTRA thankful now: rain, sleet and snow with extra heavy traffic in every possible direction…

10) I know how to drive. See 9. MANY PEOPLE DON’T, yet do it anyway…

11) I’m not stupid, usually not in any case. There’s an awful lot of stupid in the world today! See 9 and 10…

12) I feel no pain. Human spines and backs are such woeful design failures… No pain today!

13) BBQ. Enough said.

14) I don’t work outside. Guys were out collecting trash today as usual. In traffic (TRAFFIC!!!), rain, sleet and snow. Yikes! I’m also thankful for people who get things done so I don’t have to! Thanks, get-it-done people!

15) Red lights. When they stop the other guy, and when then turn to green. I love it when that happens!

16) Police. The good ones.

17) Salty snacks. Popcorn especially!

18) Airplanes that takes me to cool places sometimes.

19) My socks aren’t wet. Dry socks!

20) Middle School. You know, that I never, ever have to do it ever again. That.

21) Music, even the stuff these kids listen to today… Just don’t make me listen to that synthetic pap for extra credit! Thanks!

22) I’m allowed to plat the old coot card: it’s fun! See 21.

23) “These kids today…” See 22. Just savoring it…

24) Republicans lie a lot. If not, an awful lot of scary stupid hateful nonsense would be true! I’m really glad it’s not.

25) We’re allowed to have opinions AND say them out loud AND no one takes us to Siberia or Middle School or what not… It’s nice.

26) I know how to read and write. Pretty darn useful! Thanks, teachers: even Middle School teachers!

27) My skin is on the outside, and the inside stuff on the inside. Convenient arrangement!

28) FOX News – I’m thankful for the clicker that spares me FOX News. Thanks, clicker!

29) ALL TV news – see 28. Crap is crap, and I don’t have to waste my time on it.

30) Sponge Bob. Just that such a creation exists…

31) Bob’s Burger – see above.

32) As implausible as it seems at times, you can’t laugh yourself to death. See above.

33) “Stimpy, you idiot!”

34) My memory works pretty well. So I can enjoy 33 any time I like.

35) The 80s. Awkward in many ways at the time, the 80s gave me High School and College. Sweet! Middle School too… So I’m thankful for MOST of the 80s 🙂

36) Snow, especially that considerate enough to land where it’s fun, not on roads or sidewalks.

37) Winter. AND that winter ends. Enough’s enough!

38) Sunscreen – all the times no one is pushing me to put that nasty stuff all over me…

39) Floors. Otherwise I’d be in the basement now and in pain, having fallen through the floor that wasn’t there.

40) Ceilings. So nothing falls on me from above.

41) Jokes and other funnies. Laughter, smirks, and smiles!

42) Books, especially the good ones. Those with pictures, and those without.

43) Multiplication: it would be so, so tedious to count things without it!

44) Food. Except brussel sprouts, lima beans, a few other items. Sorry…

45) People who eat those foods above. Less for me! Thanks!

46) Dirt. It holds up the nice green grass, makes farming lots easier, and it’s fun to bike on.

47) Rattlesnakes. That none are anywhere near me now. So considerate!

48) Toilet paper. Such sacrifice: thanks, TP!

49) NIghttime. It makes sleeping much easier.

50) Daytime. Because enough’s enough! Of nighttime, I mean…


I could go on, but enough’s enough, right?

Enough, for me, for today, for here and now.


How about you?








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