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Here’s a fun story from Canada. Enjoy!

Vancouver Visions

So, as I’ve been gathering some of my scattered writing from here and from there, and adding it to the new writing that I’m doing these days, I’ve come across one of my old Blog attempts that has exactly one entry in it. It was an attempt I made at starting a Blog, that, as so often happens in things like this, coincided with the exact time that another obligation turned up in my life, taking me out of town for almost a year, and by the time I got back, the idea for the new Blog had long since been forgotten. Shortly after that, I began this Blog attempt, and the article I had written for the first attempt became an island off by itself, never to be heard from again…or so I thought.

Then, one day I started following a couple different ladies who have both managed to impress…

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  1. Thank-you Greg, and my apologies for taking so long to comment. I had no idea you did this until 9:15 pm because my mail has been messed up all day. Sorry about that, and thanks again.


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