Do You Matter?

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Trick question, of course.
Did you imagine otherwise?
Do you doubt my promise that you matter, that you’re worthy?

Think about it. Take a cheap mix of salt and water, some calcium and iron: a few dollars of atoms and molecules that could just as well been dust and mud instead. Such simple ingredients, arranged just so – we barely begun to understand the details, but nature doesn’t need us to understand it. These tiny bricks become…


If you’re not a miracle, then I don’t know what is. Each of us, completely free of charge, have been granted the deepest mysteries in the universe: life, consciousness, choice, awareness, LIFE!

Sweet deal, don’t you think?

Sure it’s hard, and often enough ugly, grim, flabbergasting, infuriating, overwhelming. Even as it’s fallen out if fashion to name it for what it is, evil runs rampant. Life is deeply unfair and it offers much undeserved suffering.  Far many people make sure of it. Evil. And most of the rest play neutral, allow evil a free pass. Strengthen and encourage it that way. Find some way to live with it.

Still, it’s all a gift, life: something for nothing. For nothing! We don’t get to set the terms: all we can do is make the most of it. It helps, I think, to appreciate what we’ve been given, despite all the crap, to remind ourselves that when we take it all for granted, we set ourselves up for despair and hold ourselves back, make our reality that much worse.

Expectations have such power: it pays to cultivate expectations that improve our odds, help us build a better present and future. Not fantasies or delusions, not the willful blindness that evilnthrives on, but a healthy respect for ourselves and our abilities, our inherent value, our potential.

I don’t try to pretend reality is perfect, or that I am. I surely do choose to believe I can deal with whatever comes, that I CAN and WILL improve things a bit each day. Not entirely accurate, of course, but this expectation inspires and empowers me.  It’s remarkably self-fulfilling, enough so to be worthwhile.

Expectations start with our beliefs, and our values. As bad as it gets – of course it gets bad! – gratitude helps your
cause.  If for nothing else, we have our very existence as human beings to appreciate. Our potential, our chances. A shot.

Positive psychology at its worst amounts to nothing more than magical thinking that blames people for their problems. “If you just get positive, nothing is impossible.” That’s childish nonsense that ignores reality. It insults our intelligence as it offers temptation. You CAN build belief in yourself and your ability to cope, though, without indulging in such pap.

I believe in you. I always keep my eyes open and I’m prepared for disappointments, but I believe in you. I disappoint myself often enough. No reason to panic or give up! You’re a good bet, and honestly, I can only win this way. Expectations have power.


What do YOU think?
For you, that’s what matters, far more than anything I can offer you.

What’s YOUR choice?


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