What would make you happy?

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People don’t seem to give this much thought, just really on impulses and instinct.

It’s worth some consideration?

What do you want?

What are you goals?

No target, no success likely…

Talk to me!


  1. Being alive and here makes me happy. No matter what crud has happened I am alive, strong and stronger! I currently don’t set big goals as I am recovering from a TBI. Some days just getting kids to school is an accomplishment.


  2. Goals?? I don’t really keep strict goals.

    I guess I believe they take focus away from the moment.

    I have a ten year plan for working towards book writing, but I know that nothing is certain.

    While I would love to be the next JK Rowling, I also live with the acceptance that this may never happen.

    But I am enjoying my journey at this attempt.

    To illustrate what I mean, we play a little game at University (usually to impress non-philosophy students at the student bar)

    Taking the salt and pepper shakers, we will ask the girl that “If salt is birth and pepper is death, where would you put yourself at this moment in time?”

    Most girls reply “Oh well, i’m twenty and that’s about a quarter of my life so somewhere here in between”

    We then move our hand to the pepper shaker. “Well, we are just one moment away from death hence we can only be here, don’t you think?”

    Illustrates my point, no?

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  3. Oh, this is very much on my mind. It is the essence of life. The inner bliss or peace, the happiness.
    I don’t wish for too much. There are two things I fear boredom and stupidity. I don’t want either. To be happy I want to, need to use my brain to create my peace of mind. Material things help only so far.
    Small moments in life make me happy. Enjoying someone’s company. A nice glass of wine, or a nice meal at home. Good music. A hot bath. Smiling at someone. Opening a door for someone. Posting a comment. Seeing a letter in the postbox. Getting a phone call from an old friend. A hug…..
    Depression can suck the happiness from a person and makes them feel unworthy of being happy. This is delusional not rational thought but it makes it hard to find the way when not thinking straight.
    Goals are helpful to a point, but can be unobtainable and cause people to become disillusioned with themselves for never obtaining their goals. Media and self help books tend to make people feel worthless and depressed. The more-ness that people crave is wrong IMHO. Goals need to be obtainable. Small steps and tangible ones. But then again why is there the need for goals in the first place. We should be happy as we are right now in the moment. But it isn’t always so.
    We should enjoy what we have now today. Not thinking about “next.” It may be gone tomorrow.

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  4. hmm, very good question! I already am happy 🙂 My family and myself are all healthy, we have enough too eat, a warm apartment, a relationship with our Creator. I do like to have things to work toward and hope for though! But we have what we need, so the rest is just “gravy.”


    1. College costs are quite insane. When I was in college, people were angry about costs (just over 10k a year Ivy League in late 80s) that people would laugh at today or jump on as a huge discount. People today seem more compliant. Its creepy, really.

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  5. I have various degrees of happiness, sometimes I’m more happy in my life and sometimes, less. I was sad a couple of times, when my mom died in ’89 and when I got divorced but the sadness didn’t last long because I don’t allow it. My faith keeps me strong that way. I’m quite happy being with my wonderful wife, now. My grand children contribute to my happiness but I would be more happy if they lived in the same location as me instead of 2,500 miles away.
    I have more goals now that I’m in my mid-50s than I did 20 years ago, but often things change with each new step or when a new variable enters the picture and that keeps me pressing forward. The goals are minor in comparison to living the life it takes to reach them (strive toward them). I am happy with and thankful for the journey.

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  6. Happy has not changed much over the years! I just got up from a nap with my corgi, Sissy, we lay on the couch, she on top of my paralyzed left arm radiating warmth, and breathing softly into each others ears! I am happy!


  7. I used to hate the word “happy”. I think it was because I didn’t believe I could achieve it. When the movie “Despicable Me” came out with Pharrel’s song “Happy”, a 3 year old boy we look after would ask anybody and everybody “Are you happy?”. And to my surprise I could say “Yes, I am happy”. And I am. I have physical and mental challenges, but I have a loving husband, faith, friends, family and now I am attaining my life-long dream of writing. Sure, more money would be nice, a bigger house with a bigger yard, but to me those don’t bring happiness. Oh, and my target is to turn blogging into writing a book…or two or three!

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  8. Greg–excellent question. To achieve happiness or maybe it should be called fulfillment I agree with you, we must have goals. Goals define direction. Without direction we cannot be on the path. And if we are not even on the path how will we ever be fulfilled?

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  9. Hi Greg,
    Interesting questions indeed! I believe that most (80+%) just “settle for” and don’t really have goals. I want to retire by age 55, be healthy, travel to all 50 US State capitals, travel to all 7 continents, increase the following of my blog (http://downhomethoughts.com/) just to list a few. Keep up the great work!

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  10. Maybe its semantics, but I don’t seek out happiness. Instead, I seek out peace.

    Peace is attainable for me when I strive to fulfill my life’s purpose. I tried to be happy and spent years searching for it. I’d think I had it, then something would happen out of my control and happiness would be gone.

    Happiness is external while peace is internal. I don’t want my emotional well-being tied to what others do. Besides, happiness looks different a 20 and 30 than it does at 40 or 50.

    To me, happiness is overrated. Give me peace of mind over happiness every time.

    What say you?

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  11. I know goals are important and it’s good to know where you are heading but sometimes it’s important to take stock of where you are and be happy with now! What do you think? Thanks as always for this post!


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