Do you aid evil? Think on it…

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In some contexts, compromise is useful, necessary, the only way to get anything useful done.

In other contexts, not so much.

Whenever we compromise with evil,

Whenever we tell ourselves “it’s not worth it,”

Or “It’s too risky,”

Or “Who am I to decide?”

Whenever we take shortcuts in any way on our ethics,

We help evil grow stronger.

Don’t try to doubt it: there can be no compromise with evil that doesn’t make evil stronger. Evil thrives on compromises, shortcuts, easy ways out, rationalizations and laziness and all the other ways to avoid hard truths.

Take a stand, or aid evil. Your choice to make. Of course. YOUR choice.

Make sure you set you standards of good and evil wisely. No shortcuts!

Many sell the idea that THEY can choose for YOU: All you need do is follow them.

They lie, of course. Reality doesn’t work that way. You know it, deep down, don’t you? Only YOU can choose. To abdicate, to go along, to follow passively, is to choose the easy way out. Evil thrives on that, remember?


Do you?


  1. Someone pointed out to me once that Niagara Falls was just a huge collection of single drops of water. No individual has to change everything. If we all make a choice to change even one thing for the better, together we can make a tremendous difference in the world and it will cost none of us more than a couple minutes in any given day. Just saying.

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  2. To quote a friend, ‘every dollar spent is a vote’.

    Buy a pair of Nikes, then you are supporting the exploitation of the developing world by the West.

    Buy some pharmaceuticals and you support animal testing/cruelty.

    Even by turning on a light switch you are indirectly contributing to the destruction of our planet.

    Indirectly we contribute to evil without even knowing it, or caring about it.

    So, as a result of the indirect consequences of our actions we cannot win. Practically everyday, we contribute towards the suffering of someone or something.



    1. I’m not interested in labeling or giving up unless we achieve perfection immediately. Just encouraging thought. We can all do better, which would offer far more benefit that getting overwhelmed and cynical. If we argue we’re all lost causes, that’s giving everyone license to stop trying. Bad reasoning : simplistic & counterproductive.

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  3. This reminded me of a quote by Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” (Good women, too.) When we stay silent–not because it’s wise or prudent or truly not worth arguing over, but because it’s easier and we’re frightened–then we are aiding evil. I know I’ve done that within church splits, in the face of obvious racism and sexism and other discrimination, and with so many other things. I’m asking God for courage and strength to speak up and refuse to compromise on the big things.


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