Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

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2010-04-06 00.57.15It’s all too easy to lose perspective, get bogged down in trivia. Distracted.

Like so many others’, my blogging started out SLOW. Not enough to say, such a teeny tiny voice. Stats page: one long cellar two years across. Just one exception: March 2013. Nearly 30 views a day! Then back downstairs. Sigh…

More trials and errors. Then, August 2014: 120 views a day! September: 490! Small for some, big for others, but progress! A trend! This month: 410. Down…

Truly, you can get obsessed with this kind of thing. Distracted.

You can forget the start of it all. You’d badly underestimated the effort involved. So badly! It’s funny in retrospect. Hence the cellar years. How many big projects got a start because someone had no idea what they were in for?

Ego craves those numbers – when they flatter. But the REASON for it all in the first place, the core, that isn’t numbers. It’s ideas. Pictures. Words. Expression. Conversation perhaps. Creating something never seen before. Ever! Priceless, yes?

Distraction. Beware it for the beast it is! Monsters – the real ones – are out there year round, day and night, not just Halloween. It eats dreams. Yours, maybe. If you let it.

A blog’s a tool. We have so many cool new tools today. They’re everywhere. You buy one and before you can unwrap it, out comes the next ‘must have’ version. BEST THINGS EVER pile up in the landfill, replaced by BTE 2, then 3, 4… We’re swamped these days, aren’t we? So many new tools, new toys. They can be fantastic, clearly. Miraculous things. And they can be distractions. No more hours in a day, though. Only so many days in your life. TANSTAAFL, yes? Distraction. It dines if you let it, and so many do just that, let it. Devours your time, your days.

Focus! Not on tools and toys.

What do you choose to DO with them, with your tools, toys, time and life? That’s what future.

So what took me down THIS path tonight? I sure didn’t see it coming. Writing and life: stuff happens. You react.

Two things led me here.

First, writing the Horror Post for tomorrow got me remembering and reliving a bit. Some great stuff, some not so great. I’ve led an unusual life, and become an unusual person. I’m a Harvard Medical School educated psych nurse. Try and find another one! It’s been a long road, decades long, lots of ups and downs, digesting that one. So tempting to find a way to comfort the ego, somehow.

Second, a comment today by a gentleman named Brian. Check out his blog, Vancouver Visions! I’ve not met him in person, but he’s been a good friend and supporter for a while now. So many comments!

Today he sent me a great video. It’s a quick view that offers crucial advice on learning to live with all our cool new tools and toys. Rather timely. i also enjoy the irony, I must admit, of offering it up from my blog. Watch it. You’ll see what I mean.

It’s called Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? by Prince Ea. Lots of human wisdom packed into three and a half minutes. 300 seconds.

Here’s your homework. Three parts:

First, Watch it and learn.

Second, tell me two things. Give me an example of a way you’ve gone wrong with technology, let it cost you somehow. Any little example.

Third, Tell me something you’ve gained from setting the tech aside, even for a moment.

I’ll start.

I get a sore back and legs sometimes: too much couch time, stuck in place, sucked into a screen. Like now, writing this to you. Nothing’s free.

I walked around Fresh Pond in Cambridge a few days ago. Urban traffic and noise everywhere, all quite hidden as if by magic, behind trees and earthen walls in this wonderful little park around a reservoir. Sunshine. Dogs. Ducks. Reality!

Thanks, Brian, for the link. I owe you one.


  1. The word “auto” means “self” in Greek, so asking “can we auto-correct humanity?” is merely another way of saying “Can humanity correct itself?”

    Anyway, I’d say humanity can still auto-correct.


  2. I remember being about 12 years old and watching the most beautiful sunset over some island in Spain. I distinctly remember the beauty of the darkening sky, the twinkling lights across the sea, and the thought that I didn’t have a camera so I would take a picture with my heart and keep it there forever.
    This amazing video reminded me of it.

    Technology and blogging has made me feel harassed and stressed and I’ve put pressure on myself to write.
    It has also given me the fleeting feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing I have successfully expressed something that has been beating against my insides, wanting to be worded.

    Thank you for this



  3. Thanks for this article. I see blogging as an outlet for one’s expression. You have to be passionate about it for you to keep writing consistently. If you look at the numbers as your yardstick, you might soon be on your way out.. I believe keep doing what you are doing and soon, the numbers and comments will fly in…

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  4. It’s a good video, isn’t it? Technology tends to steal exercise away from me. On the other hand, it’s been pouring down rain for several days, so going outside isn’t very appealing. I love taking a break however, going out to walk, not taking in any information at all except for the way the world looks and smells.

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