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wpid-wp-1412691222512.jpegSometimes life throws you a great opportunity.

You can ignore it, distrust it, let everyday life’s noises distract you from it, poke at it like a critic, OR you can grab it and run with it.

Guess which choice makes your life better? Makes YOU better, happier, stronger?

Life threw me such an opportunity recently – three of them in a bundle, actually. Nice!

Nursing coach Elizabeth Scala has published a new book, Nursing from Within.

I get to read it, review it, AND act on what I learned to my profit and enjoyment.

Three gifts! Life is good.

Why am I so enthusiastic?

I read a lots of books, and see far more. This one’s a gem.

My main point here, my advice to you, is simple.

Buy it, read it, enjoy it, and act on it. You won’t regret it.

(Due disclosure: I have no financial stake in this book, no angle. I just like it!)

Once again: Nursing From Within.

Not convinced yet? Fair enough: I’ll tell you a bit more.

Elizabeth describes here own unique path into nursing, and shows a deep understanding of the daily struggle that is bedside nursing today.

She asks a crucial question:

“…why is nursing in such turmoil? How come we have an army of caregivers
who struggle to care for themselves? Why do so many nurses, good nurses- no, great
nurses- want to leave the bedside? What is it about nursing that makes it so

Then she offers answers: wise, informed, practical answers.

She gently attacks what seems to me the worst reasoning nurses offer, yet so common, “That’s the way it’s done around here,” and other mistakes that keep us down, hold us back, block our progress and sap our power and growth.

She provides solutions, focusing on each individual nurse:

“There is no way we will change nursing, uplift the profession, empower ourselves
by doing the same things we’ve always done… Now is a time for change. But change must come from the inside out. To change the group, each individual part has to shift. To be a happy, healthy and holistically
satisfied group, we must start one nurse at a time.”

With better informed, wiser self-care, each of us can help lead all of us forward, while building inner peace and joy at the same time.

Clearly drawing on years of experience and training and a deep love for nurses, she offers us simple ways to heal ourselves, strengthen and clarify and inspire ourselves, as nurses and as human beings.

It’s an easy, pleasant read, and leaves us with a set of tasks with which we can use to make our work and lives better, a bit more each day.

SHE didn't sit still.
SHE didn’t sit still.

We each have choices to make, every day. Our choices change us, each one a wee bit, day after day. It all adds up! We grow, or we simply age, shrink, stiffen, embitter. It all depends on our choices. Such power we have over our destiny, but do we realize it? We can easily imagine ourselves standing still, playing it safe, because let’s face it, few things are as frightening as change.

But reality, the universe, life don’t stand still, don’t know how, simply can’t. Time moves forward, always. It just does.

By standing still, we’re actually letting ourselves get left behind, slowly and gradually enough that we can ignore it, but there it is. Not the end of the world, but still, not good. We all know people doing it, fading, shrinking, day after day, year after year.

Two choices, that’s all life gives us. Just two:

Move forward: Green light.

Get left behind: Red light.

You can squirm, you can rationalize, you can ignore reality, distract yourself from it, ignore it, yell and scream at it, hate it even, but you can’t avoid this choice. No one can. We each must choose. MUST!

I choose moving forward.

I have my weak moments, of course. Who doesn’t? I fall down, I get lazy, I get lost, angry, discouraged, confused, afraid. I’m human, that’s the gig. Life!

So I regroup, refocus, and move forward some more.

I choose to learn from this wonderful book and author.

I choose to act on it and enjoy all the benefits.

I choose to spread the word and make whatever difference I can every day.

Qmark by the Italian voice Flickr
Qmark by the Italian voice Flickr

How do you choose?

Green or Red.

It’s your life!

Choose well.

Nursing From Within. Read it and apply it, please!

I want you to succeed, to thrive. Don’t you?


  1. Great post! I am not a nurse, but I am a caregiver for my mom, and I am inspired to read this book. I have a feeling I will be leaving my copy on the desk at the care facility where Mom is a resident. Thank you


  2. Greg, Thank you so much for being a part of the virtual book tour. The experience has been amazing and it is super exciting to experience the creativity that comes out of each post. Be sure to take a moment to check out what the other nurse bloggers have shared about the book (; you are one of many valuable supports in my life. Thanks from my heart. Enjoy the day, Elizabeth


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