Nasty Imps in Your Mind? Evict Your Negative Thoughts

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Nasty! Some imps are snappy dressers, though.
Nasty! Some imps are snappy dressers, though.

People crap on themselves mentally, in countless little ways:

Too fat, not enough money, not cool, not doing the “shoulds”, doing the “shouldn’ts”, etc., etc. Does all this self-flogging help? Of course not: it does the opposite. It hurts.

Imagine ugly little imps living in your head. These common mind killers sap your will, intelligence, wit, motivation, focus, and creativity. They darken present and future. They hate you! Enemies.

Here’s an idea:

Stop listening to them so much. TIme to fight back: kick them out!

Whatever you focus on grows in your inner life and gains power over you. You do well to carefully choose what thoughts you attend to, and which you discard. It literally shapes your reality, first in your mind, then in your actions, then your future.

It’s your head, after all. Take charge!

I can hear folks out there: “Duh, Greg. That’s all great, but it’s impossible.” or some such. Fair enough. HOW is the crucial issue here.

Forget about “Just do it:” that’s fine for a tee shirt, and terrible advice. Terrible! If you could just do it, you’d already be doing it, right? We can do better than a dumb tee shirt.

First, though, why is it that can’t simply stop thinking negative thoughts? It’s human biology: human brains aren’t built that way. Human brains are set up to focus on what IS, not on what IS NOT, whether in reality or imagination.

Did you ever try to figure out who’s missing from a group of thirty? Much harder than figuring out who’s there, right?

Try a quick experiment, OK? Follow the instructions on the line below:

DON’T think about a pink elephant. Whatever you do, don’t think about its pink trunk squirting water high into the air. Don’t!

If you’re like me, like most people, you just unwittingly managed to do the exact opposite: you imagined that pink elephant. Why? That’s what happens when a human tries NOT to think about X. Their brain finds it difficult and awkward, so it focuses attention on the target. In other words, they think about X. Defeat!

As it turns out, this story is my favorite kind: it has a happy ending.

Instead of trying NOT to think of X, try something far easier.

Think of other things. Keep your conscious mind busy with happy thoughts, neutral thoughts.Anything serves, in fact. No negatives. That’s the whole point, right? When imps intrude – and they will – keep aiming your attention elsewhere.

Your conscious mind can’t hold much at once, a handful of items, total. Humans are so good at adding and removing items lightning fast, and have such vast stores of items in memory, that we don’t notice just how little we can think about at once.

Imagine your conscious mind as a stage: I imagine mine right behind my eyes. It’s small, remember? As a result, you can crowd imps right off the stage with other thoughts. It’s MUCH easier than arguing with nasty imps directly! They’re not cooperative, right? Crowd them out instead.

It takes some practice, of course – everything important does – but it works.

Try it, and please, let me know how it goes!

Focus on what you appreciate, what you love,  what you want and how to get it: grow THOSE thoughts for a change, and watch your world improve.

Why keep polluting your mind like a bully you surely don’t deserve to live with.

It’s totally up to you.

Others can recommend: only YOU can do the work, and I sincerely hope you will.

Again, please, tell me how it goes…


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