Consumer Reports Hospital Death Data: VERY scary!!!

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Voldemort Would be Jealous!
Voldemort Would be Jealous!

(Warning: expect more words in CAPS in this post than usual)

I once guessed that preventable hospital errors kill 100,000 American each year. It turns out my guess was FAR too low. Consumer Reports reports that preventable American HOSPITAL MISTAKES KILL 180,000 MEDICARE PATIENTS each year. Keep in mind: only 1 in  6 Americans have Medicare. Do the math: 180,000 times six equals OVER A MILLION DEAD EVERY YEAR. It’s a rough figure, but it’s MASSIVE. Consider all the attention we pay to deaths involving cars or guns, which kill less than 40,000 Americans each, per year. Such tiny threats compared to hospitals!

Consumer Reports also rates many hospitals on this point, and the results may shock you. Some prestigious hospitals do well, some not so well, at avoiding killing you by mistake. It’s a rather important issue, don’t you agree?

Finally, courtesy of Annette Tersigni of, I also offer Hospital Performance Rankings.

How many of us must die before we address this tragedy? We spend far, far more on health care than any other nation for these results.  We deserve better, don’t we?  Let’s get on this issue, today, folks, NOW!!!

For those interested in surviving hospital stays, read and sign this petition asking the White House to start doing something about it.

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