Letter to Governor Brewer: AZ Corruption and AZ BON

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Email sent this evening to Governor Janice Brewer of Arizona:

“Seeking comment on two items:
1) 2009 letter, Joey Rideour to yourself, explaining in detail that a proposed budget cut would not allow BON to safely function,
2) As I will explain below, under current leadership Arizona has credibly been listed as among the worst States in America for ethics in Government.

I and many colleagues have become interested in the growing corruption in health care that degrades the integrity and quality of research, administration, regulation, and clinical practice. Given the tremendous wealth and pervasive conflicts of interest in health care today, the notion of hundreds of billions of dollars lost annually to overcharging, waste, corruption, and unneeded interventions comes as no surprise. Experience in clinical practice today corroborates such concerns.
We have also seen a sharp increase in reports of Nurses being abused for professionally mandated efforts to educate and advocate on patients’ behalf, when such efforts inconvenience those more interested in riches than ethical patient care: harassment, firings, defamation and even threats of lost licensure. Nurses are under siege, and we each need to consider where we stand on this important issue. We must each make a choice: stand up for Nurses as ethical professionals, or allow business forces to continue to attack our professional autonomy and ability to provide care.
Many Nurse advocates, bloggers and their audiences have already chosen involvement over apathy and hopeless cynicism. One case in particular has been compelling:
We have been advocating for Nurse Amanda Trujillo of Arizona. She has thus been rendered unemployable, reduced to Welfare, a single mother soon to lose her home, all because she put a patient before hospital profits, and made the fact public, inconveniencing state Board of Nursing members who also happen to work for the very hospital corporation – Banner Health – that fired her and filed the complaint to the Board against her. This story has only just begun to cross over into some mainstream media.

At present, Arizona rates a D+ on The Center for Public Integrity grading scale for corruption, with F scores in State Civil Service Management and Ethics Enforcement, 27th among the 50 states overall, and far worse than that in these particular areas.
(See http://www.stateintegrity.org/arizona )

For this reason and because of Amanda’s ongoing case, we now focus our national efforts on Arizona.
A loosely organized group, we have published two petitions on Change.org
One calls on Arizona to show substantive improvements in the now unsafe and hostile working conditions for Nurses.
To read more about this petition – maybe even sign the it! – click here:
I can be reached for any further information at gregmercer601@gmail.com
Another petition focuses specifically on Amanda’s case:

We offer you thanks for your consideration in these matters, and invite you to take a stand between Nurses and patients on one side, and corruption on the other.
On which side do you stand?.

Greg Mercer, MSN

As always, I will keep my readers posted.

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