Shun Arizona to Stand up for Nursing Advocacy & Patient Safety There

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Address corrupting factors in the Arizona Board of Nursing


I just signed the following petition addressed to: Arizona’s Governor, Janice K. Brewer.

Address corrupting factors in the Arizona Board of Nursing


After multiple invitations to a civil dialogue regarding AZ BON, Governor Brewer has not replied or addressed any of the issues raised. In fact, the only response to date has been an increase in the seeming intimidation and abuses of power directed at a Nurse, Amanda Trujillo, whose seemingly frivolous and abusive case before the Board has languished unresolved for a year to date, leaving her unemployed and impoverished.
Ongoing research suggests serious corruption in both local Nursing management and BON functioning, with many serious conflict of interest, intolerably poor accountability and transparency, and a system that allows for and even tacitly encourages abuses of power. All these concerns threaten the ability of Nurses in Arizona to meet their ethical and professional obligations, and thus threaten patient education and safety. Nurse Amanda Trujillo’s case is but one example.
While reasonable people can disagree on the interpretation of the case that led to her firing, no informed person can reasonably doubt that this case shows the regulation of Nursing in Arizona to be inadequate at best, and harmful to the public safety at worst. It also encourages an environment in which Nurses cannot perform actions within their well-established Scope of Practice and professional responsibilities without fear of retaliatory abuse that can easily ruin a career with little or no accountability on the part of those who file even the most ridiculous complaints.

Amanda’s next Board Hearing is scheduled 3/19/12, and the Arizona legislature is in the process of a scheduled reauthorization of the AZ BON’a rules and powers. These two opportunities for positive change, and the pressing situation I just described, have led a group of Nurse Advocates to post this petition calling for pledges to boycott the following until we see credible, concrete evidence that these long-ignored issues are effectively addressed:

1) All Arizona-based tourism,
2) All possible Arizona health care,
3) All Arizona-based Nurse recruitment and education,
4) All conventions and other public events held in Arizona, and
5) All businesses who, on learning of these issues, nevertheless schedule events in Arizona.

The time has come for accountability in Arizona health care and regulation. As the local business community and government have shown no interest in providing such necessary changes, all American Nurses, patients, and citizens need to shine light on these dark areas and provide an impetus for responsible change.


Greg Mercer, MSN

GRC Health Care


  1. I had a complaint that went on for not quite four years. The story about the destruction of a patients’ health through an incompetent surgeon is at the root of it all. The Az Nursing Board allowed the physician to testify about events that not only didn’t happen, but there was no evidence of. I’ve been a R.N. for over 35 years with an immaculate record. I am officially retired because of these crooked bastards and injustice will not stop. I promise all of those offended by these perjurers to openly confront their miserable ways and make sure a ‘call to the public’ is know, Peary Brown, R.N.


    1. I did some research on AZBORN at the time, and it was easy to find rather eggregious, open, shameless corruption: massive conflicts of interest, slow case resolution, no accountability. It was stunning to me: government regulatory process has been openly retooled to serve corporate profits instead of the public interest.


  2. Does anyone know how many nurses there are in Arizona who have felony convictions,
    boundary violations,sexually assault their patients,”female nurses”. Stealing the patients
    medicines,you name it.

    How about getting rid of all the bad nurses. How about complaining about the state of Florida
    for this nut…


    1. I agree, of course: Nurses and all citizens badly need Nursing regulation that is timely and effective. Nurses should be held accountable, as do all professionals. Sadly, in at least some states – certainly Arizona – what we have instead is a very slow system that lacks accountability or transparency, that takes an average of 7 months to assess a case, and allows a disturbing level of corruption without any consequences. Board members serve for life if they so desire, are allowed shocking conflicts of interest, and are political appointees who work for the Governor. They are not accountable for their work in any way I can find, except that they are subject to being fired by a Governor who has shown no interest or awareness in their work except to cut their resources. Companies like Banner can use the complaint system any way they see fit, and many credible allegations indicate that they use it to silence Nurses whose patient advocacy risks corporate profit, and to reduce liability by routinely filing complaints against all Nurses fired for any reason. The sheer volume of such complaints likely heavily burdens an overloaded BON (the public is not permitted such information by law), thereby allowing Nurses who deserve loss of licensure to work longer while their case winds slowly through the system. Investigation records are destroyed soon after case completion and the identity of the complaint source kept secret, so that misuse of the system leaves no trace. They system heavily protects employers who complain and encourages them to do so, while offering Nurses no rights, no due process, no rules of evidence, no protection from abuses of the system. None. BON has total discretion, has absolutely no oversight, and answers to no one. They can ruin good Nurses and let bad Nurses work: we are expected to trust them completely, and Nurses can be punished for suggesting otherwise.
      Systemic BON problems affects us all, good Nurses and bad, in ways that are intolerable. No area of public life in a democracy should be regulated in such poor fashion. Nurses deserve better, as do the citizens of Arizona.
      That all said, I appreciate your point: we need look at both sides of the regulatory coin, and that crucial idea gets lost in these debates at times. No one deserves absolute trust, and for no one is it ever prudent to give it. I will check out your link. Nursefriendly at and it’s FaceBook page has been posting many links that merit Nurses’ consideration. I have been more cautious; I focus on one case at a time as I lack the time to give more than one sufficient due discretion to feel comfortable taking any position. Also, I focus on the systems problems aspects of a given case that affect all Nurses, so that I feel less need to take on every possible Nurse’s cause.


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