Sixty or so Legal Precedents Relevant to the Trujillo Case

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The web site provides, free of charge, an extensive list of  legal precedents involving Nurses, arranged alphabetically by topic.  The list below includes case perhaps relevant to Amanda Trujillo’s unfolding situation.  I apologize in advance if unrelated material found its way to this list: putting it together has been quite the chore.  As long as it is, my list represents a tiny sample of the vast resources provides.

Also, please excuse the rather random formatting: it reflects cutting and pasting from the original list.  I have found it very difficult at times to format without repeatedly opening links, and have deferred that task for now, invoking the time-honored privilege of the Volunteer worker…

Advocate (Nurse as Patient’s)

Advocate    Advocate  │ Advocate │ Advocate  │ Advocate   Advocate │ Advocate Advocate  │ Advocate  Advocate  │ Advocate  │ Advocate  │ Advocate  │ Advocate │ Advocate │



Consent, Informed

Corporate Negligence


False Claims Act

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Informed Consent │ Informed Consent │Informed Consent  │Informed Consent

Informed Consent │ Informed Consent

Informed Consent


Libel and Slander

License │ License │ License


Nursing Diagnosis   Nursing Diagnosis


Post-Term Pregnancy


Retaliation  │ Retaliation  │ Retaliation  │ Retaliation

Retaliation │ Retaliation

Threats │Threats │Threats │ Threats │ Threats  │ Threats │  Threats

Whistleblowers │  Whistleblowers │ Whistleblowers  │  Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers │Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers  │ Whistleblowers


  1. The latest on the case:

    Facing a Crossroads, #AmandaTrujillo, MSN, RN & the Arizona State Board of Nursing:”At the heart of Amanda’s case is Patient Advocacy. Her patient was having second thoughts about a Liver Transplant evaluation, and Amanda helped fill in the gaps. The doctor, Dr. Keng-Yu Chuang (Source AZBON public records), who had only offered the liver transplant, went ballistic when the patient asked for Hospice info instead. He demanded the hospital serve Amanda’s head up on a platter and that the Arizona State Board of Nursing be contacted.”


  2. Thank you Greg for following Amanda’s case, this is from

    Fired for educating a patient?, May 2012:”On February 1, the Phoenix CBS affiliate KPHO-TV ran a short but good item by Peter Busch about veteran local nurse Amanda Trujillo, who said she had been fired by Banner Del Webb Hospital and had a complaint filed against her with the state board of nursing because she had educated a patient about the risks of an upcoming surgery and scheduled a consult about hospice. A hospital spokesman reportedly said that “the doctor, ultimately, is the focal point that directs care for patients” and that “company policy” forbids nurses to order a case management consult. The report does not mention other accounts suggesting that these events were set in motion because the patient’s surgeon was displeased that the patient had decided against the surgery.”

    For the latest, please visit:


  3. Thank you Greg for following Amanda’s case, this is from her blog.

    The Moment of Impact: April 21, 2010: by #AmandaTrujillo, MSN, RN, #nurseup #nursefriendly #healthcare:”The day my life collided with something greater than I could ever wrap my head around in this lifetime…..I heard a quote recently that conveys the enormity of the year’s events…its message, perfection, but not in the way I would like to envision life perfected, the way I want it, the way I wanted it, the way I thought I had it… any case, I like this quote because it encompasses the past, the present, and the future all at once.”

    The day that changed Amanda’s life forever. To follow her case and others, kindly visit


  4. Thank you Greg for covering Amanda’s case, here is the latest:

    The War Against Amanda Trujillo, April 25, 2012, Mother Jones, RN, Nurse Ratched’s Place:”I still support Amanda Trujillo and some people who have read the allegations against Amanda have questioned my judgment. Frankly, I don’t believe these allegations because I personally know two other nurses who have been reported to their nursing boards by their former employers. One of my friends was reported to the BON after she spoke up about unsafe nursing practices at a shady nursing home, and the other was reported after he chastised hospital administration for placing psychiatric patients and staff in an unsafe environment. Their former employers cooked up all kinds of false allegations against my friends who are both stellar nurses. Their former employers crucified their character, but in the end they were both cleared of any wrongdoing by their respective state nursing boards. There is an escalating pattern of abuse as more unscrupulous employers are using nursing boards as the ultimate scare tactic to keep nurses “in their place. ” Amanda is just another victim of this ploy.”


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