Day ONE: A New world for healthcare!!!

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With this post I , Greg Mercer MSN, proudly introduce to the public a new model of health care – GRChealthcare (GRC for short).

GRC offers health care providers ways to honestly, ethically, and much more effectively build patient rapport and cooperation, making work more pleasant, more fun, and more efficient, i.e. less pressure, and maybe even some free time…

To date, health care providers have received virtually no training in effective human relations, a field in which some people manage pull it off completely on instinct, but they are rather rare.  It turns out that for most of us, even though we manage with our instincts, we could do much, much better with some education and training.  The benefits ensue promptly, and continuously grow with time & practice.  After 10 years or research and practice on GRC, I wouldn’t think of working without such tools, and I doubt I will ever exhaust the potential available – its really quite powerful, exciting stuff.

Forget about tricks and deceit – such ruses are unethical, and in my experience, such short-cuts work poorly over time.  Your reputation is worth too much to pawn it on deceitful short-cuts.  GRC is all about completely honest but thoughtful and informed interpersonal approaches.  Based on decades of science, e.g. social psychology and cognitive science, GRC also draws on centuries of practical human experience, the wisdom of the ages going back to ancient sources.

I feel truly fortunate to have found such a rewarding professional focus – join me, study GRC principles, and you too can feel the magic!!!

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